Welcome to Lowe's Tubeland, your source for Ichetucknee river tube rentals

Heading to Ichetucknee Springs State Park? Stop by Lowe's Tubeland and pick up your tube rental on your way to the river.

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Lowe's Tubeland - your source for Ichetucknee river tube rentals.
A family owned and operated business since 1971.


Kids tubes, $3 - Single tubes, $5 - Double tubes, $10

Other river tubes are available for rental.

Main Location

4655 SW Elim Church Road
Fort White, FL 32038

(386) 497 – 1115
Hours: Mon-Sun 7am - 5pm
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Lowe’s Tubeland has 4 locations surrounding Ft. White, Florida to better serve you.

    Lowe’s Tubeland (SW Elim Church Road, Corner Location)
    Lowe’s Tubeland (US Hwy 27 Location)
    Helen’s Pnut Hut
    CB Tube Rentals


We have group rates as well as individual rates. Stop by and see us or give us a call.

Check out our story on the St. Petersburg Times website.

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